Improve your positioning

SEO Positioning

Business digitalization is a reality that brings with it new rules of the road. Updating and adapting your business to these rules, especially if you’re coming from the offline world, will give you an advantage over those who have decided to ignore this new reality.

Developing a web page or a mobile application is the first step, but there’s much more to be done if you want to be as close as possible to your target audience. That’s the idea behind our work with SEO: to put you in the line of sight of your potential customers.

The importance of SEO

Why do I want to improve my SEO positioning?

Because improving your SEO positioning will make you more visible in the search results of your target audience. How? By studying and analyzing the words and terms that are most commonly searched for on Google. Once we have identified these terms – which don’t necessarily have to be a single word, but can also include phrases – we develop a strategy to get your web page among the top results when people search for them.

The importance of SEO lies in how it adapts to the user, and it is a completely passive and natural way to help them find you. Searching for information on Google is part of our daily lives. That’s why working on the SEO positioning of your web page will increase your visits, and with them your opportunities for conversion.

The importance of SEO

It’s time to improve my on-page SEO

When we talk about on-page SEO, we are referring to adapting the web page itself. By this we mean its architecture, its menu, the images and texts it contains, etc. All of it must be adapted to the searches done by your target audience. To do so, we first study the key words that will guide our work.

But it’s about more than words. Having correct usability and loading speed are some of the other factors that also come into play. If your page is simple and intuitive and loads quickly, so that your users don’t have to wait, Google will give you a better position.

There are other determining factors that need to be taken into account for positioning your web page. But it’s important to be careful to avoid penalties from the search engine. If that happens, it will be more difficult to get your page into the top results. To avoid this, at Onclick we like to work with precaution and professionalism, because we want our customers to always be on top.