Developed exclusively for your company

Custom software

The success of a business depends on many factors, and a clear example of this are the highly important roles played by management and logistics. There are different standard softwares to control these two areas that have been created based on the general needs that all companies tend to have. And although these are a great advancement in terms of management and control, they cannot fully represent the structure of any particular company. Needs and objectives vary from one organization to another.

Custom software is developed specially and exclusively for your company, totally from scratch. This provides a series of benefits that not only facilitate your daily work but have a direct impact on your turnover. With standard software you could end up losing some very valuable information. Meanwhile, data of less importance could end up causing some confusion.

Clear advantages

The benefits of custom software

At Onclick we have always understood the advantages of working with custom software. Our team’s experience has been forged through that conviction, because we believe in the importance of the work we do. What has made us so sure?


01. Flexible

It adapts to you and to the characteristics and requirements of your business sector. This means that it adapts to your target audience and your pace of work.


02. Important

Totally adapted to your objectives. Because we know the importance of measurements, custom software lets you control all aspects that play an important role for your business. We have to measure the things we want, staying focused on our objectives and avoiding any additional information that we can do without.


03. Control

It controls all your tasks. As mentioned, controlling your company’s specific tasks lets you know if your company is operating as it should.


04. Operation

Integrated into your company’s operations. We take your work environment into account when developing your custom software, to ensure it can easily adapt to your way of doing things.

Meet objectives

How is custom software developed?

When developing fully customized software, our first step is to get to know you and your business. Understanding your needs is essential to establishing the project requirements. Once we know all the details we develop the software design, where you will be able to see all its features.

After the design has been approved, we get to work on implementing it, or in other words, developing it. And when our team completes the development we then move on to all the necessary checks and verifications. This verification confirms that everything is working properly and that all your requirements have been met.

The last step is maintaining the software. At Onclick we make sure everything works correctly so that you can continue meeting your objectives and becoming more successful.