The most used by users

Android development

Developing for Android is developing for the masses. This system is the most commonly used by today's users, the majority of whom choose devices that operate on this OS. As the technology sector has evolved over time, the use of this system has expanded to a series of different devices. What started out as a smartphone revolution has now reached tablets, smart watches, televisions and even products created within the automotive sector.

Developing an Android application means you’ll always be in the pocket of your target audience and closer to them, increasing the opportunities for interaction with your brand. To do so, the first step is to design the goal of the application’s functionalities. The Onclick team will be delighted to listen to your ideas and propose a strategy and design that meet your needs.

Various options to develop

The language and environment for Android development

There are different languages for programming in Android. Just like with iOs development, there are many options to choose from for developing an application in this operating system. However, the most commonly used language for Android development tends to be Javascript.

Android Studio is the development environment where we carry out our projects, materializing our clients’ ideas and paying attention to every last detail to ensure everything functions as expected. To do this, it is very important for everything to be correctly defined from the very start of the project. Because even though the professionalism and experience of our team are responsible for a job well done, it is our knowledge and understanding of our clients and their projects that allows us to achieve the best results for them.