Look and feel

Interface design (UI)

How will our audience see us? How will our page work? The main purpose of interface design is to answer these questions.

To understand what we mean when talk about designing an interface for your web page, it is important to remember that the user isn’t taken into account during this process. Usability design (UX) is what analyzes your customers’ behavior in order to optimize your web space and ensure it provides a better experience.

Facilitates user navigation

So what is interface design?

Our team of UI design professionals are responsible for establishing the structure and features that a web page will have. Once we are clear on the elements that will comprise the page, the designer determines how they will be distributed: texts, images, forms, etc.

This sets the road map that will later be followed during the development of the web page. Different techniques are used for this, like designing wireframes and generating prototypes.

After having a conversation where you tell us everything about your project and your objectives, our team will create the wireframes or prototypes to let you see the structure of your page, the elements of each landing page and its functionalities.

This lets you see what your page will look like before its final development. What are the advantages of this? Wireframes let you visualize how your page will look and make any chances you consider necessary without generating excessive costs. Interface design therefore allows us to set the road map that will later be followed by the developers.